Memphis Bar 527-3573 USEFUL LINKSGeneral SupportOnline Claims Reporting SystemRequest for Public DocumentsCONTACTJennifer A. Sink, Chief Legal Officer125 N. Main St. Room 336Memphis, TN 38103901-636-6614Fax: Community Legal 543-3395 Our experienced lawyers care about your future and strive to adapt tailor-made solutions for your unique Family to offer a dynamic and financial situation. There are many things to do in creating a comprehensive estate plan, but with our FREE service, the legal department also provides services through its claims, licensing, subway alarm, ethics and risk management services, and manages public record requests. Thinking about the inevitable is never easy. However, a well-designed estate plan can ensure that your estate is executed to whomever you want, when you want, and in the way you choose. EthicsCity ClaimsRisk ManagementCity AttorneysPermit BureauSubway Alarm Bureau The Legal Division or Office of the Attorney General of the City of Memphis is led by Jennifer A. Sink, General Counsel, and assisted by Assistant and Assistant City Attorneys and other staff. The Legal Department and the Office of Communications jointly supervise requests for public documents.

Use this portal to make requests. The legal department performs a number of important functions for the administration of the city. Lawyers work in two fundamental areas: contracts and litigation. City attorneys working on contracts provide advice, oversight and review of thousands of contracts each year. City litigation attorneys are responsible for defending lawsuits against the city, prosecuting violations of municipal ordinances, and prosecuting plague and harassment complaints. City attorneys provide legal assistance to all government departments to facilitate operational needs and good government. Memphis Area Legal 523-8822 Join a FREE estate planning webinar to learn how to protect your assets and care for your loved ones. We cannot refer you to a specific lawyer or assist a lawyer in private practice. However, if you need legal representation for a private matter, you can contact the Memphis Bar Association (901) 527-3573 for a referral. , you will be one step closer to setting yourself and your family on the path to a safe and happy future.

When the terrible day of loss arrives, we are here to help your family manage your estate. Mendelson Law Firm can provide you with representation and assistance in fulfilling the legal obligation imposed by a death and ensuring that the deceased`s affairs are properly managed. Tennessee Legal Aid ServiceState Services DirectoryTennes Bar AssociationShelby County Probate Court (Wills and Estates)Permits and Licenses Office (Beverage Liquor, Special Events Permits, and Demolition and Towing Services)Circuit Court (Scheidungen und Steuerverkäufe)Löschungsprozess für Shelby County Shelby County Juvenile CourtVerkehrsverstößeTennessee State Delisting ProgramChildren`s Support ServicesClerk of the Shelby County (Fahrzeuganhänger und Heiratsurkunde)Shelby County Prosecutor GeneralState of TN Generalstaatsanwalt Sitzungen Gericht (Zivilsachen) Wenn Sie Rechtsdienstleistungen zu geringen oder keinen Kosten benötigen, können Ihnen die folgenden Agenturen möglicherweise helfen:.