Stripling has never pitched as much as 135 innings in a season, though he`s as good No. 5 starter/swingman as he is in the game. With his 33rd birthday next month, it`s probably Stripling`s only chance to get a good free agent salary. On the other hand, it would be very tempting to take the $19.65 million guaranteed. The Blue Jays could afford the one-year contract at a high price. At the end of the day, I think they appreciate flexibility and won`t make stripling an OQ. Anderson`s $8 million contract with the Dodgers last March was his third consecutive one-year contract (each with a different team) as a free agent. But after scoring an ERA of 2.57, a WHIP of 1.00 and a K/BB ratio of 4.06 in 178 2/3 innings over the course of a 2022 season, Anderson turned down Los Angeles` qualifying offer and landed a three-year contract with the Angels. Here are the penalties for hiring a free agent who turned down the OQ: Maybe Albies could move to SS next year, with Grissom remaining No. 2? The Braves are not the Dodgers/Mets/Yankees who can spend money endlessly. Dansby`s agent is the same guy who has the bed on Freeman, and I`m sure AA remembers that. Like I said, I love Dansby and he`s a guy from Atlanta, but I think he`ll follow the silver. The big question is what the Dodgers can afford.

At some point, they`ll have to decide what to do with Buehler, since his free agency is coming soon, adding mega contracts for Mookie and Freeman, can even the Dodgers absorb four $30+ million a year in salaries? If the answer is yes, then go to Turner, if not, then Swanson would be the likely choice. Also, the Dodgers have to decide what to do with Justin Turner, Bellinger and Muncy. Could be an interesting offseason in Los Angeles (Note: Each pick in the first 10 rounds of the draft has an assigned value, and the sum for each selection of a club is equal to what it can spend on signing bonuses for players selected in those rounds without suffering a penalty. If a team loses a draft pick, it also forfeits money from the associated bonus pool, regardless of any money that expires from its international bonus pool according to the following rules.) Nimmo finished 2022 with a .274/.367/.433 average, 16 homers, 102 home runs scored and 5.0 bWAR on a career-high 151 games, marking only the second time in seven seasons (including the shortened 2020 season) that he has reached 100 games. After proving to be a competent midfield defender as well as a disciplined hitter with a bit of pop, Nimmo was able to benefit from a weak market for center field in free agency. • A team that passed the luxury tax last season will lose its second- and fifth-best picks in the following year`s draft, as well as $1 million from its international bonus pool for the next contract term. If such a team signs multiple free agents for qualifying offers, it will also lose its remaining third and sixth best picks. No, the real effects of the qualification supply system are felt mainly in the middle and lower classes of free agents. Guys who are solid players who can certainly help a major league team win, but don`t have the overall value that some of their more talented peers possess. This year, probably the best examples are AJ Pollock, Yasmani Grandal and Dallas Keuchel. All good players, maybe very good players, but a notch below the elite. Grandal had a very good season last year, but a difficult offseason.

Add a draft pick compensation to his profile, and you get a player who was supposed to sign a $70 million contract this offseason, but instead signed for 1 year/$18 million. Pollock is a bad side of 30 with a significant history of injury. Keuchel is a pitcher who has his own shots, whose fastball becomes slower and slower. They`re good enough to demand substantial contracts from potential candidates, but with enough question marks to make these teams wonder if that money and draft pick is really worth it. Last year, Mike Moustakas was another player trapped in the qualifying race. A good but not great player who started the offseason hoping for a contract of 60 to 70 million. In the end, he re-signed with Kansas City for $5.5 million. Ray had a big year for the Blue Jays after signing a one-year contract after 2020. Southpaw, 30, won the American League Cy Young Award after leading the American League with a 2.84 earned run average and the Major Leagues with 248 strikeouts. He then turned down Toronto`s offer before signing a five-year contract with Seattle.

Players are eligible for OQ as long as they have spent the entire 2021 season with their team and have not received the OQ before. That means a significant number of high-level free agents are not eligible for OQ this offseason. Here are the celebrities: Correa was part of a class loaded with free shortstops this offseason, along with others who received qualifying offers like Corey Seager, Marcus Semien and Trevor Story. The 27-year-old hit .279 with 26 home runs and 92 RBIs in a 2021 All-Star season. Semien was one of the best rookies of last offseason — he joined Toronto on an $18 million one-year contract after losing for one year in 2020, then hit 45 home runs for the Blue Jays in 21. Like Ray, the 31-year-old accepted Toronto`s qualifying offer and left Canada to sign a lucrative contract with another team — in Semien`s case, the Rangers. All of the relievers except Smith rejected OQ. Smith signed his three-year contract with the Braves before the acceptance or rejection deadline, and he said he would have accepted the OQ had Atlanta not made that offer. Kimbrel and Smith are the only relievers to have received OQ since 2017. Kimbrel had to wait until mid-season to sign, and Smith signed quickly because he wanted to avoid the same fate.

Teams have up to five days after the end of the World Series (Nov. 7) to offer an OQ to their free agents, and players who receive it then have 10 days to accept or reject it (decisions by Nov. 17). Players who accept OQ stay with their team, and players who reject it are tied to compensation for the draft pick. Easy, right? The process is, but the decisions are not. If the player accepts the offer, he has essentially signed a 1-year contract at that year`s price. If he declines the offer, he becomes a free agent with draft picks. This means that his new team loses a draft pick (which is determined by a few factors; Revenue share, luxury tax status, etc.) And his previous team gets a draft pick as compensation. (This selection is determined by the same factors, but also includes the size of the contract) Seager was limited to 95 games in 21, but the 27-year-old still hit .306 with 16 home runs and 57 RBIs. After turning down the Dodgers` qualifying offer, the star shortstop landed one of the biggest free agent contracts in history with the Rangers, who also acquired Semien. Any team that signs a player who declined a qualifying offer will be subject to the loss of one or more draft picks. (Players who are no longer under contract after the start of the Rule 4 draft within one year of the rejection of their qualifying offer are no longer bound by the compensation of the draft pick and can be signed without their new club having to forfeit a draft pick.) The No.

1 hope in baseball glory wore Profar down a long time ago, but he became a slightly better league average than the left fielder`s league average.