Acquire the legal knowledge necessary to achieve your goals. In today`s complex regulatory environment, there is a growing demand for professionals in almost every industry who understands the intricacies of regulatory compliance. That`s why Drexel University`s Kline School of Law`s online Master of Juridical Studies (MLS) is designed to maximize your career potential and add value to your business. Contact:Email: legalstudies@hamline.eduWebsite: Hamline University – College of Liberal Arts There are four concentrations: Education Law focuses on how law and education intersect, labour law, how business and legal issues intersect, health law, how healthcare intersects with law, and law and politics, how the student profession intersects with law. Online education can offer more flexibility for your schedule. For example, some online educational programs may offer part-time enrollment with the option whenever you want, rather than at fixed times. You may be able to continue working while pursuing a Master of Legal Studies online. There are very little to no transportation costs associated with online learning, which could potentially reduce the overall cost of schooling. Earning a Master of Laws may include courses such as American common law, legal writing, criminal procedure, international law, civil procedure law, etc. Sometimes the program of a master`s degree in legal studies overlaps with that of doctoral students in law. MLS students can be prepared to learn about legal systems in the United States, laws abroad, and work with various clients. You may be wondering, what is an online Master of Legal Studies degree? A Master of Legal Studies Online (MLS) is a university degree designed for non-lawyers and others who work in a variety of fields and wish to broaden their legal knowledge with an interdisciplinary understanding of various types of laws, regulations, and other legal issues. While it does not qualify students to take the bar exam or practice law as a lawyer, earning an MLS can help professionals improve their knowledge of the social, political, and economic impact of law on their industry or business.

Similar Master of Laws may include a Master of Science in Law, a Master of Laws Studies (MSL), and a Master of Laws (JM). Purdue Global`s online LL.M. program challenges you to solve real-world problems by applying legal principles in a case study format. Learn from professors who are industry experts in law, social sciences and teaching. Start building a solid foundation of legal knowledge by taking specialized online courses that teach you: This fully online and asynchronous law degree program is designed for professionals who would benefit from a nuanced understanding of the U.S. legal system, but do not intend to practice law. It helps professionals understand laws and regulations so they can better perform in their current and future roles. Develop the expertise you need to gain credibility, advance your company`s mission, and advance your career by implementing effective healthcare compliance programs. This specialization is designed for healthcare professionals, such as nurse legal advisors, healthcare administrators, or healthcare compliance auditors. By 1896, Ellen Spencer Mussey and Emma Gillett were determined to lead the first generation of women in the practice of law. After being denied admission to traditional, male-dominated law schools, these two women`s rights activists saw their chance to make history. That year, Washington College of Law became the world`s first law school founded by women.

Two years later, he was the first to have a dean and the first to complete an all-female law course. The Master of Legal Studies is a fully online, asynchronous program for professionals who would benefit from a nuanced understanding of the U.S. legal system, but who do not intend to practice law. Legal issues are closely related to business operations, as organizations must comply with laws and regulations in order to operate legally. Graduates of the MLS curriculum have the expertise to help their current employers comply with legal operating regulations. Online LL.M. programs can require approximately 30 credits and take anywhere from 12 to 36 months. Depending on the school and programs offered, each course can range from one to four credits. Our on-campus LLM degree is designed for lawyers who wish to enhance and strengthen their skills in a specific area of law. You can get an LLM if you already have a JD or LLB (for foreign lawyers) and want to learn new strategies and tools to master a specific area of law such as advocacy, intellectual property or international legal studies. Learn how to comply with internet laws and data protection regulations, protect against data compromise, and better understand the legal and compliance concepts surrounding big data.

This specialization is ideal for professionals who want to learn the most effective risk management practices in a digital economy. Our online MLS degree is designed for professionals who interact with the law in their daily lives – legal documents, contracts or settlements – but are not interested in practicing law in a courtroom. The flexibility of our online MLS program allows you to continue working during your studies. It also offers industry-specific specializations and certificates for roles requiring specific legal expertise in areas such as business, healthcare, compliance, financial services, or cybersecurity. Synchronous Master of Juridical Studies programs allow students to attend classes on a set schedule in coordination with their peers, similar to a traditional classroom. Via webcam, students connect at specific times to watch lectures, interact with classmates, and study together. Regent University is a private Christian university. Regent`s online Master of Arts (MA) in Law program consists of 30 credits and is designed for professionals who wish to advance their careers by benefiting from legal knowledge without opting for a Juris Doctor.