Here you will find local rules and forms that provide procedures and guidelines for Wayne County courts. Find upcoming civil affairs plans by district and date. Disabled parking is available in the Ormond Avenue parking lot. They also have limited spaces for people with disabilities in the parking lot on William Street. Quickly find out when and where to appear in court for criminal and violation cases. Here you will find local administrative plans and calendars for district courts and county high courts. Online services for payments, quotes, court notifications, filing and more. If you or someone you know is about to go to court, we can guide you through the process. Learn about paying court fees, fines, and traffic quotes in Wayne County. Search for calendar calendars by number from your law firm. Here you will find the location and calendar of the commercial court.

The Registrar`s Office has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the court plan, but scheduling information is subject to last-minute changes and should in no way be construed as formal notice from a litigant to the court. Any discrepancies between the information relating to the hearing date via the Internet and the notification of appointment of the court must be brought to the attention of the case manager of the competent judge. The order of business in the Internet Appendix may be preliminary and does not necessarily reflect the actual order in which cases are called. The following appendix represents the judicial plan for the Eastern District of the United States District Court in North Carolina. The schedule is updated every 10 minutes (Monday to Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.) to reflect any schedule changes. If you keep the schedule open, you should refresh your browser periodically to reflect the changes. To view the schedule data, please select the corresponding view and evaluate from the radio buttons and drop-down menus. Consult (or subscribe) to upcoming civil business plans by county to find out when and where civil cases will take place. Administrative plans and timelines for Wayne County can be found here. See a list of all state judicial sessions or offices that report closure or deliberation. Find out how to reach your clerk and other offices and representatives in Wayne County.

Resources for the District Court of Wayne County, as well as online resources for courts in general in Wayne County, North Carolina, and resources that apply to all courts in North Carolina. Family court provides faster, more consistent and thoughtful outcomes for a family`s legal problems. View archived calendars of Superior Court Masters from past years, spring and fall years of the state. Learn more about the Wayne County Courthouse. Parking is across the street on William Street. The Sheriff`s Department also has parking across the street on Chestnut Street. Check out the main spring and fall calendars of the state`s superior courts. Search for national court forms by keyword, form number, etc. For birth, death, marriage and other public records, please contact the Wayne County Registry of Records.