Muzzle Magazine Licence: Allows the holder of a regular NH hunting licence or combined licence to catch a deer during the special muzzle loading season with a muzzle magazine or crossbow using the firearm deer tag. Young non-residents and resident landowners must obtain this permit to participate in the feeder season. This license does not contain a separate tag. To hunt deer during the muzzle feeder season, a person needs a regular NH hunting license as well as a mouth loader license. A muzzle magazine is defined as a single-barrel, single-shot firearm (.40 gauge or higher) that can only be loaded from the muzzle. During the muzzle loading season, only one deer with a muzzle magazine or a crossbow with a firearm tag may be caught. No separate muzzle charger label is issued. In NH, a muzzle magazine is defined as a firearm – therefore, a criminal is not allowed to possess a muzzle magazine. Concord, NH – More than 20,000 muzzle-loading hunters are expected to travel to New Hampshire`s forests during the upcoming muzzle-loading season, Oct.

31-Nov. 10. Muzzle-loading weapons are single-barrel, single-shot firearms that require the projectile and propellant to be muzzled each time prior to firing. Muzzle chargers date back to pioneer times, but have become a popular sports weapon in recent years. In recent decades, the number of people buying the state`s license or trademark to hunt with a bow and arrow or a muzzle-loading pistol has grown from near zero in the 1960s to 25,000 to 30,000 muzzle-loading permits per year and about 20,000 bowhunting tokens at the turn of the millennium. The numbers have remained at this level for two decades, although the total number of hunts is declining. Deer are New Hampshire`s most popular wildlife, with a total of more than 100,000 deer across the state. New Hampshire has a long archery season that begins on September 15, a muzzle-loading season 11 days before gun season, and a gun season at the height of the rut.

(See chart for “all deer” days when hunters can catch a deer or roe deer.) Special Unit L permits allow hunters to catch an additional antlerless deer in MMU L. Special Unit M permits allow hunters to catch two additional antlerless deer in UMM M. For more information, see Rifles are much more accurate than long-range rifles, but this is less important in New England. Special Unit Permit L: allows the removal of antlerless deer in WMU L, in addition to deer caught with a regular NH hunting or archery license. It can be used on any day, including only days with deer, during any deer hunting season for which the hunter has a licence (archery, muzzle magazine or firearm). The method of ingestion is limited to what is legal for the particular season being hunted. All ages. Note: A total of 2,000 hunters were allowed to purchase special antlerless deer permits for the UGT L with a deer tag ($26). Unit L permits are issued by online random draw. The application period opened from 8 to 21 July.

Permits were available to all lottery winners as of August 4 and must be purchased by September 1, 2022. Bergeron also notes that “New Hampshire`s 11-day muzzle-loading season is extremely popular with hunters because of its early schedule, milder weather, and high activity until peak breeding in mid to late November.” In 2019, more than 23,700 people purchased permits to hunt deer during the muzzle loading season, and 2020 is on track to match last year`s participation rate with more than 18,000 permits already sold. A special permit for Unit L allows the removal of a antlerless deer from Unit L, in addition to capturing the authorized deer with other permits. It can be used on any day of the season when the hunter has a licence (archery, muzzle magazine or firearm). In total, 2000 of these permits were available in 2022 and must be applied for in advance, usually in July. Consider muzzle magazines, which are weapons where power and bullet must be driven into the barrel with a ramming rod and fired from a separate primer. Modern ammunition combines all this in a bullet that can be breech-loaded.