Our Australian cousins on the other side of the trench are more connected than we are. Tattoo artists in Australia must have a license before tattooing a person, with violations leading to jail time. Recommended contamination and component limits for tattoo inks in New Zealand Make sure your tattoo inks are always stored in labeled containers so everyone knows what`s in the container. There will be a small amount of pain and discomfort with a tattoo and it depends on your pain threshold – a tattoo involves a needle and ink. Some describe the sensation of getting tattooed as a slightly irritating scratching sensation on the surface of the skin. Once the tattoo design is complete, most feel the pain of a tattoo as minimal and more than painful for a very short period of time while the work “calms down”. Ask your supplier for a safety data sheet when you buy tattoo ink for the first time. The safety data sheet contains important safety information, including first aid information and for the safe storage of ink. There is no recommended time to get a tattoo, but it is often best to get a tattoo in winter. This way, your tattoo is usually not exposed to chlorine pools when you swim and are exposed to sunlight outside. For the purposes of this guide, tattoo inks refer to all tattoo and permanent make-up substances. New Zealand tattoo artists expect laws to change soon when it comes to ink, as the European Chemicals Agency has just published a list of potentially toxic chemicals used in some tattoos. The process of getting a tattoo is completely safe.

Zealand Tattoos uses a chemical process followed by an ultrasonic cleaner. The type of sterilization chosen by Zealand Tattoo uses both vacuum and steam sterilization techniques with equipment exclusive to Zealand Tattoo Studio. All tools, needles and accessories are stored in sterilization bags and opened in front of each customer. After use, the needles are thrown into a sharp container, as is the norm in the medical industry. One in three New Zealanders under the age of 30 has a tattoo, and with one of the highest tattoo rates in the world, one would expect the industry to be regulated, but that`s not the case. If your product meets the standard, you do not need to register it with us. Check that your product has only the hazardous properties approved by the standard (see Hazardous properties of tattoo inks below). If the wording of the product changes, you should check if it still meets the standard. In this section, you will learn more about the regulation of tattoos and piercings in New Zealand. New Zealand has no national legal age restriction for a tattoo or skin piercing. However, some regional councils have issued regulations that prevent tattoo artists or piercers from providing services to people under a certain age. Most of them only limit the age of parental consent – this means that if you are under the age limit but have permission from your parents/guardians, you will not be prevented from getting tattooed or having your body pierced.

Tattoos & piercings From what age can I get tattooed or pierced? When can I get tattooed or pierced without my parents` permission? I am 17, but an artist refused to tattoo me, even though the legal age limit in my city is 16, can they do it? This is something New Zealand could soon copy, with terrible “Homers” causing infections and blood poisoning. It`s bad for the industry as a whole, with professional studios and artists like us lumped in with a bunch of assholes doing tattoos in their garage for their friends. All hazardous substances require authorisation under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 (HSNO Act). For tattoo inks and permanent supplemental substances, approval from the Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Substances Group is standard. Make sure all tattoo and permanent makeup substances you provide are packaged in appropriate containers that won`t leak. Containers containing less than 5 litres or 5 kg of a substance that is toxic or likely to damage the eyes must also be in child-resistant packaging. For example, in Auckland, the age limit for piercings is 16 and the age limit for tattoos is 18. A tattoo design is something that is on your body forever, so make your tattoo unique and individual. A tattoo artist can help you with an idea you have and you can plan the tattoo design together so that you get a unique tattoo. If you have a tattoo design in mind, find photos and bring them to your tattoo artist who will be able to customize your tattoo design and help you find your tattoo design that suits your personality and individuality. The type of tattoo design is entirely up to you and where you feel comfortable having your tattoo is yours.

The type of tattoo design you get can be any tattoo design you like – unique to you and your personality. When deciding where to place your tattoo, remember that it will be seen by everyone. If you don`t want anyone to see it (like an employer, client, etc.), consider placing your tattoo in a place where you can easily cover it. Learn how to better manage the risks associated with tattoos and permanent makeup. Cover instruments such as tattoo machines and associated clip cords with an effective sterile barrier: Yes, that`s right, the tattoo industry here in New Zealand isn`t even regulated, which means tattoo ink isn`t regulated either. If you are pregnant, it is not a problem to apply a tattoo, but we recommend that you avoid areas where the vibration and sound of the tattoo gun can be distressing for the unborn child, i.e. / lower back, abdomen, etc. Getting a tattoo is quite complicated from a legal point of view.

Members of the Tattoo Artist Association New Zealand work under a code of ethics which states that they cannot tattoo anyone under the age of 18 without the consent of their parents or guardians. However, some tattoo artists have their own rules about whether they will tattoo someone younger than a certain age, whether the parent or guardian gives consent or not. If you are under 16, you can usually get a tattoo as long as your parent or guardian signs the consent form. However, in some parts of New Zealand there are local ordinances that have raised the age of consent to 18, so it`s worth checking with your local council. The Panel`s standard defines tattooed substance as any substance or preparation intended to be injected into human skin to impart a skin mark or design. Contact us today if you want to order the best tattoo ink at the best price. Guess what? There are no laws regarding tattoo ink. The only way to know you`re getting high-quality tattoo ink is to buy it from a reputable tattoo shop – like Tattoo Station! There is no standard cost for tattoo design. If you want a large tattoo design that covers a large part of your body, it will cost more than a small tattoo design. There are also places where you can get a tattoo design for a bargain, but keep in mind that this tattoo design may not be on par with an experienced tattoo artist. Researching tattoo shops and even meeting with different tattoo artists to discuss the tattoo design you`re looking for can help you get an idea of the service and cost of a tattoo. The biggest danger of tattooing and applying permanent makeup is the transmission of infections between a tattoo artist and his client or between clients.

For promotional inks for which the ink tank cannot be physically inspected (e.g., via the Internet, mail order, magazines or newspapers), include the hazard statement of the product in the text of the advertisement. Some councils have statutes that state that you must be 18 years old before you can get tattooed or pierced without your parents` permission. Others don`t need your parents` permission after you`re 16. You should visit your municipality`s website for information about the law in your area. If you go to your local piercing or tattoo shop and ask, they can let you know too.