Contact details of the Legal Services Agency Northern Ireland (LSANI). The Agency`s role is to manage the delivery of publicly funded legal services in accordance with legal aid plans. Public information on finding a lawyer, advice to applicants, objections to the provision of civil law services, legal fees and the National Anti-Fraud Initiative. The Legal Services Agency of Northern Ireland (LSA NI) was established under the Legal Aid and Coroners` Courts (NI) Act 2014 to manage the provision of publicly funded legal aid. The Legal Services Agency (Northern Ireland) is an executive agency managed by the Department of Justice (Northern Ireland). Contact Law Centre NI for free legal advice and advice for workers and self-employed individuals on their rights during the COVID-19 crisis. Only queries made with WhatDoTheyKnow are displayed. ? 2nd floor, Waterfront Plaza 8 Laganbank Road, Mays Meadow Belfast BT1 3BN UK.